Get Out!!: Democrats protect themselves by isolating minority communities from Conservative messages.

Here is what I really find incredible about Democrats. When Republicans appear to ignore the inner city or black voters, they accuse us of being racist. But when we do actually attempt to reach out to our African American brothers and sisters, with that MAGA message that we are all one big family called America, they actively try to stop us. Just the other day, the Governor of Wisconsin who sat back and let the city of Kenosha burn at the hands of out-of-state rioters, told Donald Trump that he should stay away from Kenosha with his message of support for law enforcement. And I am not the only person to point this fact out, that Democrats will call us racist for not being there while they try to keep us away. They do this all the time. This is why it comes as no surprise Donald Trump is not the only one targeted like this, I experienced this exact same phenomenon recently.

This past Sunday, I participated in a Trump 2020 Sign waving here in Baltimore. We also were displaying signs for our local candidates. That day we planned to wave our signs on the corner of Park Heights Ave and Northern Parkway. This intersection represents the order between Baltimore’s Jewish community and a neighborhood that is majority African American. It is also a major transportation artery and a great place to reach out to voters. Coming in, I got a few awkward stares from some black people in the neighborhood but beyond that, there was nothing but polite and pleasant exchanges, the person I rode with even agreed to move his car because we had parked in front of someone’s house while they were having a family gathering. It was peaceful, at least for the first 15 minutes.

Now when the trouble started, who do you think was the first group to attack us? Was it the black people from the neighborhood? No, it was not. After 15 minutes of being there, the verbal abuse we started experiencing came from white people driving across Northern Parkway. That’s right, white liberals who didn’t even live in these neighborhoods felt it was their duty to “protect” the black people from this neighborhood from hearing a different message. In the short time, we were there and until the organizer of the sign-waving decided it would be safer to move, we were yelled at by two insane white liberals and saw more pale middle fingers than I care to count.

The first nutjob who came by took his time to merge all the way into the right-hand turn lane just to drive up next to us. Once he pulled up his Champagne-colored sedan, this tolerant paladin of social justice rolled down his window and let the expletives fly. Now what was really shocking about this wasn’t the unintelligent string of curses as I responded by pointing out his party’s nominee was a segregationist. What was shocking was that his daughter, who couldn’t have been older than 7, was in the passenger seat as he leaned over her to shout “F**k Trump”, “Racist B*****ds”, “F**k You”. The little girl was visibly afraid, not of us, but of her own lunatic father who was screaming at total strangers. As the older brother to two sisters, 3-Yr’s-Old and 6-Yr’s-Old, this disgusted me and I regret not taking down his license plate and reporting him to the cops for child endangerment. Luckily for that poor girl, her father’s tirade only lasted about a minute, as he was forced to keep driving when the light was changed.

The Second nutjob also accused us of being racist and tried to chase us away, and she also of course had no answer when I asked her why she was voting for “Jim Crow Joe”. She was also arguably the crazier of the two. A few minutes after the nutjob in his car, this crazy woman showed up out of nowhere screaming “Go Away”, “Hate isn’t welcome here”. It wasn’t till later I found out that she was a passer-by who saw us and decided to park in a nearby lot, get out of her car, and start harassing us. Again, it takes a Grade-A psychopath to get out of their car on the spur of the moment to do this. And sadly it was effective, one woman with her group was so upset at this point she wanted to go home. I had to walk her back to her car since the crazy woman who came to harass us tried standing in her way and claiming she felt unsafe that we were approaching her.

After this incident with the crazy woman, who I ended up calling Cathy Clanswoman when it became clear she was only there to scream and shout (She was taken aback by this, clearly didn’t know how to respond, and had apparently driven away by the time I got back to the group), it was decided we were going to move to a quieter spot that other party members had been sign-waving at in prior weeks. To be honest, I wasn’t really happy with this decision, although it was still the right one. There were just 3 of us there at that point, and there was nothing to stop one of these crazy white liberals from coming up and hitting us, or even driving their car over the curb and trying to run us over. I wasn’t happy, but it was necessary. It did get quieter when we moved to the other spot, the most we got there were more pale white middle fingers, but also a lot of love from the Orthodox Jewish Community. What didn’t sit right with me is that the liberals had gotten what they wanted. That day they had successfully prevented us from being there, being present, and reaching out to the black community.

I am very glad President Trump didn’t step down, although he does have more resources at his fingertips as well as private security. We need to stop letting liberals force us to step down. That day the only pushback we got from members of the black community was one single black man who picked up a yard sign and threw it at my back. Just one person. Most of our pushback was from white liberals with a white savior complex, who were afraid members of that community would come up and talk to us, and maybe end up agreeing with us. Just like in Wisconsin though, these white people who didn’t even live in this neighborhood felt they were entitled to come in and dictate how these people were allowed to live their lives and manage their homes. For the people who keep claiming we are racist, their behaviors and attitudes to me come off as being more openly racist.

I want to go back to that spot on Northern Parkway and try again, or maybe even to another spot like Mondawmin or Oliver. To me, African American voters are the only voters we have the chance of reaching. They are the ones who most greatly feel the negative effects of the policies white liberals promote, especially economic and criminal policies. And this is why those white liberals were so eager to silence us this past Sunday because they are afraid we will reach people. That’s why I want to go back to Northern Parkway, and other black neighborhoods in Baltimore and trigger another sea of pale white fingers. I want to go back in greater numbers and go back with some of our party’s phenomenal candidates for Mayor and City Council. Most of all, I want to make those white liberals’ nightmares come true and actually reach people!!

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