Black Monday: The Day American Democracy Died

December 14th, 2020 will go down as a dark day in American History. In fact, it could quite possibly reflect the beginning of the end of our country’s history or just another 90 years of darkness like the kind that followed the 1876 election. When the states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin allowed the certification of their electors amidst credible claims of fraud, it was another death knell for the representative Democracy that made us a great nation for over 250 years. Democrats were once again rewarded for their cheating and criminal behavior, but instead of a local Mayoral race or even a governor’s seat, they were able to steal the highest office in the land. Some conservatives still hold hope in a series of symbolic gestures which they hope will overturn the fraudulent results, but posturing and blind certainty are some of the things that brought us to this point.

It is not simply the criminal actions of Democrats alone that brought us to this point. We were brought here by our own complacency. We were brought here by traitors within our own ranks, and by cowardice as well from the officials we helped to elect. The most devastating factor that lead to this outcome however was our own hubris. We were so confident what the result of this election would be (not entirely without good reason), that we let our guards down and didn’t take the steps necessary to prevent the Democrats from stealing the whole thing. Maybe it was our faith in our system of American Democracy which Democrats have had over 150 years of experience in subverting, although for some it was blind faith that their Gods would deliver the desired result. Whatever the reason, we play a guilty party in our own loss.

This loss has far-reaching implications. The Democrats WILL commit this kind of fraud again, in every race up and down the ballot. They will do this again because it worked for them, just like the Mississippi Plan and just like the Edgefield Plan. And it is likely they will get away with it since they will still have the same judges who ruled in their favor this time as well as a slate of new radical left-wing judges, and of course the same cowardly officials who wouldn’t stand up and do what is right. It is thus no exaggeration to say this is the death of American Democracy. And much as they called the stock market crash of 1929 “Black Tuesday”, we should reflect on Monday’s Electoral College vote as “Black Monday”. So let’s reflect on what actions brought us here and what we should have done differently.

Lawmakers Should not have waited to intervene.

The sad thing about this is that in 5 of the 6 states where the Democrats cheated have Republican Majority Legislatures which had legal standing to challenge the Democrats. Instead, many of them sat there while Democrats used activist judges in the courts to change the rules and waited till the last minute to do anything. At least one of these states has had issues with electoral fraud for years, and the legislature has just sat back and allowed it. Make no mistake, there were practical steps each of these state legislatures could have taken before and after November 3rd to prevent the fraud, and they didn’t even take the bare minimum effort of refusing to certify election results or electors. So here is a quick breakdown of that:


Pennsylvania has a long-standing issue with fraud coming out of Philadelphia. This election was no different, with Republican poll watchers being unlawfully thrown out or impeded by Democrat officials who were not in the least bit shy to show their contempt for the law. While I commend the lawmakers in Harrisburg for mounting the legal challenges to the Democrats cheating before this all began, they did not do their due diligence on or around election day to make sure the physical presence of observers was there in a meaningful way to deter fraud. Knowing Philadelphia Democrats would block efforts to ensure they didn’t cheat, lawmakers should have instructed the state police to intervene and enforce the legal rights of poll watchers statewide. The legislature failed to do that and certified the results even amidst the credible claims of fraud which included observers being kept from directly observing the ballot counting.


What happened in Georgia was a total disgrace. In 2018 Donald Trump endorsed Brian Kemp and got him elected as Governor of Georgia. Brian Kemp paid back this kindness by stabbing the president in the back and refusing to force an investigation of voter fraud in Georgia, despite there literally being video of Election officials in Atlanta counting ballots after telling observers that they were stopping for the night and sending them away. That was grounds enough for the legislature to refuse to certify the results, which sadly they didn’t. But moreover, it made it a moral imperative for Kemp to at the very least demand further investigation into the fraud or name a slate of “Clean Electors”, both things he didn’t do. Hopefully, Georgia Republicans will remember this when it comes time for the Republican Primaries in 2 years.


Lawmakers here had another good reason to refuse to certify the election results. In a live-streamed meeting, two canvassers in Wayne County initially refused to certify the election results because they spotted irregularities. During the meeting however the live stream dropped, and when it came back up they had apparently changed their votes and agreed to certify results. A few days later though they made an attempt to rescind their certification and stated that they had been harassed and essentially threatened into voting to certify results they felt were fraudulent. This alone was grounds for the legislature to reject the certification of results, but in the end, they did not take that action.


According to an affidavit from a former USPS contractor in Wisconsin, postal supervisors had instructed mail workers to backdate mail-in Ballots received after the November 3rd deadline because these votes were assumed to be for Biden. Again, this was an ample reason for the Wisconsin Legislature to refuse certification of the results, at the very least till they could determine which ballots were tampered with. But as with other states, they declined to do so.


In Arizona, there were issues with how the votes were cast. To start, the Dominion Voting Machines had a “Software Error” that kept awarding ballots cast for Trump to his challenger Joe Biden. On top of that, in some Republican-leaning areas the election officials had instructed voters to fill out their ballots with Sharpies they provided, knowing it would make the ballots unreadable to the machines. These were clear cases of fraud, and with the election there at such a slim margin, the legislature of Arizona should have by all means refused to certify the results of the election.

Letting them move the goalposts

With the exception of Pennsylvania, none of the legislatures I mentioned above made a noticeable effort to stop the Democrats from using the courts to change the rules before the election. In fact, some officials didn’t make any effort at all to stop it. For example, Georgia’s Secretary of State who claims to be a Republican allowed Democrats to circumvent the ballot signature verification laws without trying to take the case all the way to the Supreme Court. Of course, the Supreme Court itself is the biggest issue. With the exception of the Texas Supreme Court Challenge to Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, the Supreme Court has made virtually no attempt to hear election cases since November. They only rejected the Pennsylvania General Assembly’s case to overturn the extended 3-day ballot-counting period that their courts mandated twice, citing before the election that no damage had been done yet as the election had not taken place.

Ignoring the fact that the damages had been suffered even before the election as the PA Supreme Court had overstepped their constitutional authority, now that the election had passed with clear and credible allegations of fraud, the apparent burden of proving damages they set out earlier had been met. Yet the Supreme Court had made no effort to take the Pennsylvania case again, nor any of the other cases from Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, or Nevada, not until Texas brought a case they could not ignore. And even then, they rejected that by claiming Texas did not have standing. That’s all well and good except for one thing, for weeks now cases had been coming before the Supreme Court from Plaintiffs who have a very clear standing and mountains of evidence, and the court had completely ignored them, not even taking the time to decline to hear them with the exception of Pennsylvania. And why not decline any of these cases outright? Could it have something to do with having to actually provide a reason why the cases weren’t constitutionally sound, which they were?

It is especially surprising since the three Trump nominees who he worked so hard to get onto the court are apparently part of the side of the court ignoring these challenges. I mean I am legitimately surprised by this, as they are essentially slitting their own throats with this knowing that at best the Democrats will try to impeach them if they take back The Senate, and at worst they will pack the court beyond recognition making their role there inconsequential. These so-called defenders of the constitution decided it was too much of a political mess to intervene to stop a criminal effort to steal an election, and instead just decided to let our country take a fatal shot to the chest and hope for the best. Only Alito and Thomas dissented.

Cowardice and Traitors

The credit of course must be given to the cowards and outright traitors to our party. I still can’t decide which category Brian Kemp falls in, maybe both. But there are the traitors in our own party like Mitt Romney, who was bitter over his own inability to win an election and shocked at the death of his brand of Republicanism, has worked to sabotage the president since day one and has been doing his victory laps celebrating the Democrats election theft. He is not the only Republican who has done this of course. Outgoing Rep Paul Mitchell showed his colors on Monday when he announced his intention to resign from the Republican Party since we made the shocking decision to support the president as he fought against obvious fraud. You can add people like John Kasich and Chris Christie to this list composed mainly of people who lost their own presidential runs in the primaries, as well as the ones trying to prevent the death of their brand of lazy small-minded Republicanism.

The probably empty gestures

There are some people still fighting this death of our Democracy, people who should have been fighting months ago, who are now pushing empty gestures. Let’s face it, with Monday’s certification of electors it is pretty much all over. Yes, there are alternate slates of electors being put together in contested states. This helps keep legal challenges alive. But let’s examine how this will play out. To challenge the electoral vote you need at least one member from both houses of Congress to challenge the vote. Then both houses go off and vote on the issue of which slate to certify. We all know the Democrats controlling the house will vote to certify the results for Biden, and even if we hold The Senate and they vote in Trump’s favor, the votes still go to Biden’s favor if there is a split between the houses of Congress. But even if we win both Senate seats in the Georgia runoff, there it is still likely we wouldn’t win The Senate vote in Trump’s favor since we still have to deal with Mittens (Romney), Murkowski, and Collins who will stab the party and the president in the back without hesitation.

So the further fights are at this point a largely empty gesture. The criminals won, America lost. If we somehow hold The Senate, we aren’t really going to hold it in the end as Romney and the turncoats will capitulate to Biden often. We can hope they will not do something stupid like allow legislation like HR-1 to pass which will federally mandate all of the cheating the Democrats used in this election, but I wouldn’t put it past them to capitulate on that too. We can also pin our hopes on winning the house back in 2022 and then prosecuting Biden with an endless stream of investigations like the Democrats have for the past 2 years, but then again it is likely the Democrats will simply cheat again to keep their majority or to take a Senate majority, and even if we do somehow win both houses, the Democrats will find ways to impede House investigations. Although it is a pretty idea, treat Biden the same way Dems have treated the president. But empty in the end unless we can impeach him and his running mate.

So we are back where we started. December 14th, 2020, Black Monday, the crash of American Freedom. Either the start of another 90 years of darkness or just as likely the death of America as we know it. Barring a miracle, a fighting effort from Americans all over in the next 4 years to fight fraud and the criminal enterprise of the Democrats, this is indeed the end. Then again, some say it is always darkest before dawn. Maybe that’s the case, that something good will come out of this. But judging by what I have seen so far, I am not counting on it.

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