Okay Guys, Let’s Stop Calling Them Liberals

I know it’s catchy. “Stupid Liberal Twats. Just more Liberal nonsense. Commie Liberals.” Things like this roll off the tongue so easily and give us a nice chuckle. Here is the problem though, calling people on the modern political left is intellectually dishonest and a disservice for ourselves.

The Political left is everything BUT liberal.

Now honestly, this isn’t anything new in terms of political thought. I am sure this same point has been rehashed over and over and over. It is really hard to get through though as there are many memetic obstacles. That is to say, mentally we are backed into a corner by both the English language and the adversarial nature of our political system. Of course, rather than using fancy language, I should break it down and describe these barriers.

The first big obstacle of course is that the Left describes themselves as Liberals. Now we know that couldn’t be further than the truth. At most, the Left are socially liberal, but as I will explain later they are anything but liberal. The problem is the Left has perfected the truth that if you repeat a lie long enough, it will become true in the minds of others. As a result, despite illiberal and intolerant behavior on the part of the left, most people still believe they are America’s “Liberal” party. And why wouldn’t they? The American Left controls a majority of the media, so they can control the messaging and make sure their illiberal behavior isn’t seen by the general public.

Another big obstacle is that we are Conservatives. That’s not a bad thing, of course, being an American Conservative is about conserving the Classical Liberal values like Freedom of Speech, the Right to Bear Arms, Due Process of the Law. This of course is all good stuff, but when the other side calls themselves Liberal (even though they aren’t) and paints themselves as the good guys, what does that make the other side and their ideology? It also does not help that some American Conservatives are more committed to being Religious Conservatives than Constitutional Conservatives, but that is a totally separate issue. The point being, although we are obviously ideologically in the right as we are the side that preserves American Civil Rights, that’s not the perception of us, unfortunately.

The third of course is that the American Left is Liberal, with taxpayer money anyway. I mean what person wouldn’t believe the political side that is giving them free stuff? Well, free as long as they don’t start paying taxes anyway. And unfortunately, the beast that is human nature makes that a very appealing prospect for some people. And that is a hard thing to beat in a society of people with entitled attitudes.

Well now, with those obstacles then what is the point of us not calling the left Liberals when it is just so damn easy and fun? I mean we zing them every time when we “own the libtards.” Well except we don’t, we are owning ourselves. We are giving them a title which the English language associates with relatively good things. The question is though if calling them Liberal is harmful, what should we call them instead?

To decide on a new title for liberals, we need to closely compare their behavior to ours first. The problem itself has to do with the English Language, so the solution lies in properly applying the correct English that describes their behavior in comparison to ours. First, let’s examine ourselves though. As I said earlier we are Conservatives, specifically American Conservatives. The root word of Conservative is Conserve, which means to preserve or save. Thus as American Conservatives, we preserve American Values like the ones I mentioned earlier in this piece. This is apparent as the conservative picks to the Supreme Court are Constitutional Originalists mostly.

Now let’s take a look at the Left, especially in recent years. In Washington DC, Left Wing Lawmakers have spent decades chipping away at our civil rights. Most notably they attack our Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms, but they have also taken aim at our rights to free speech and due process. In fact, let’s take some time to really examine this too:

Attacks on Free Speech

In recent years the left has opened an all-out attack on free speech. In 2010, Democrats rallied against the decision of Citizens United which affirmed the First Amendment Right to free speech applies to corporations as well.
From there, it was all downhill for the Left. Slogans like “Hate Speech isn’t free speech” popped up on college campuses, and then legislators on the local level began talking about outlawing hate speech. Of course, so-called hate speech quickly became anything that contradicted their political beliefs instead of actual speech specifically meant to offend someone based on their race, sexuality, or gender. Never mind of course that even that is protected by the First Amendment which only bans speech that is clearly meant to incite violence.
None of this of course would have a chance of passing muster in the federal government much less the supreme court. Not until now. Right now Democrats are considering a piece of law deceptively named the “Equality Act”, which would attack not only the free speech rights under the First Amendment but also the right to religious freedom by mandating that Religious Schools would be required to teach sexuality and gender according to a left-wing ideology that is completely incompatible with their beliefs, and coincidentally also incompatible with basic science.
Unrelated to legislation, the Left has also Championed the idea of free speech as violence. This of course gives them a pretext to commit actual acts of violence against people they do not agree with

Attacks on Due Process

Once again, the left’s attacks on Due Process are also something that would never pass the muster of actual courts usually. This is why the snakes used to rely instead on the court of public opinion, or on the totally unaccountable world of college administrators. This was of course mainly confined to sexual assault accusations, where leftists would cry “believe all women” even as sexual assault allegations became a social and political weapon. After all, we all should remember the UVA/Rolling Stones debacle that ended with the magazine paying a chapter of Phi Kappa Psi $1.65 Million. Even that didn’t stop the left, they just stopped trying to draw media attention to it. Instead, they relied on colleges to use a bastardized interpretation of Title IX to set up little starlight chambers on campus to adjudicate rape accusations outside of the criminal justice system, and usually to the detriment of white heterosexual males.
That same logic was applied when the Democrats unveiled an unfounded sexual assault allegation about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh at the last minute to try and stop his confirmation. Despite the lack of evidence supporting the claims and evidence showing they were fabricated in each case, Leftists claimed Kavanaugh was unfit because they didn’t like him and thus the allegations against him were to be taken at face value.
This brings us to 2021, the year the Left began keeping political prisoners. Right now there are 100’s of people being held in a DC Prison for being in DC on January 6. They are being held without bail, in solitary confinement. Some are being held even though they haven’t been charged with any crime. They aren’t being allowed to meet with their lawyers in private, and this is all under the backdrop of a capital under military occupation. This is what the left likes though. Due process for our political opponents? Lolz.

Attacks on the Right to Bear Arms

Do I even really need to do this segment? Seriously, buy my book and read it. Well, that’s what I want to say, but that isn’t fair. So I will give you the cliffs notes. Democrats started attacking the Second Amendment soon after the Civil War when they made their grabs to regain power in the south. Specifically, they didn’t want African Americans to exercise their right to bear arms as the Democrat’s path to power in the south was the wholesale terrorizing and slaughter of African Americans. Well, that just ended up working well for them and it seems they took this idea of a police state to heart. Mind you their “Police” were illegal paramilitary groups like the Ku Klux Klan, The White Camellia, The Red Shirts. Soon they became the party of gun control. After all, you can’t repeat the success the Democrats had in the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 if the population of a city, county, or state is armed against the threats of a left-wing mob. Well 120 years later look what we have!! Left-wing mobs destroying businesses as Democrats tell you how evil gun ownership is.

Well, that was a good laugh!!

Those are just a few examples of what the Left get up to. A few select examples of their behavior. And like I said, examining their behavior is the first step to deciding what to call them. As you see, “Liberal” doesn’t describe their behavior. And we need to call them something that aptly describes what they are and what they stand for. We Conservatives stand for Conserving Constitutional Rights, I.E. Civil Liberties. What do Leftists stand for though?

Well just going by my examples from above, they are against free speech or religious freedom. They are against their political opponents having any due process under the law. They are against the idea of people being able to defend themselves when the leftists approve of the crimes being committed against them. They want people to think they are good though, and they give people “free” things so they will like them. It really seems like they are interested in power and control. Using this, we can find some really good words to apply to the left. Here are a few:


Remember, the instant you call someone a Nazi online you have lost the argument. This I agree with, Nazis were a very specific kind of fascist, and comparing someone to a Nazi is only meant to arouse a negative emotional response. People can be fascists without being Nazis. Just look at the American Left. The Nazi Brownshirts used violence to reach their party’s goals. The American Left uses violence to further their party’s goals. Flipping regimes, The Italian Fascists used propaganda. The American Left uses propaganda. Nazi’s painted Jews as the antagonists in their regime. For a time, Italian Fascists painted Nordic people as the antagonists. American Leftists try and paint heterosexual Christian white males, their caricature of Middle America, as their antagonist. Oh, and all three are totalitarian. So feel free to throw out the tag of Fascist when a leftist bugs you. You’re not comparing them to Nazis, or even Mussolini’s fascists, you’re identifying a set of behaviors they are exhibiting and applying the proper label.


Control, control, control. Control what you can say, control what you do. Dictate what you are allowed to believe. Make you dependant on them. Sounds like a really bad toxic relationship you may have had with a guy or girl in the past. But no, that’s the Democratic Party. They want to ban their political opponent’s ability to share ideas. They want to control how you protect yourself and your family. This is what totalitarians do, whether they are a clingy ex-girlfriend or a political ideology that is pursuing its goals from the 19th Century to the 21st Century by emulating destructive ideas that blew up in the 20th Century.
Wow, I was really tempted to make a dated reference to “Soap” here. The point is the Left cares about power, and Totalitarianism is one way to get it.


I didn’t really explain this in detail here, beyond the left vilifying Conservatives.
What’s a better way to spread your bad invasive ideology that is so incredibly indefensible than to cry and play victim when someone else points out your beliefs are indefensible? Crying and playing victim when someone refuses to agree. after all, the person who says you are wrong is a selfish bigot. Whaaaaaaaa!!
And just like that, you have painted the other person as the aggressor and gotten a few weak-minded and easily gullible individuals to subscribe to your point of view.
Warning: This one is really only useful as a situational zing, to be honest.


Again, another one I didn’t really cover. The funny thing is most Jewish people in the US are Democrats despite the fact Democrats are the worst Anti-Semites in the US. From major Democrat Politicians making openly anti-semitic remarks to excusing hate crimes against Jews or even trying to blame Conservatives for the crimes their followers commit. Well, they also do this to Asians too honestly, which makes a good segue to…


Well let’s face it, that’s what Democrats are no matter how much they try to redefine the word. They race bait with every breath. There are obvious things like “The problem with this country is white men.” “White Men are terrorists.” Then there are less obvious ones like “This Country was founded by racist white men”, a remark that not only is patently untrue but erases the contribution of black people who were part of the key moments that lead to the founding of our nation. And how about, “Voter ID is Racist.” Sounds innocent enough, but ask them to explain why and they will tell you that Black people aren’t smart enough to use the internet and find the DMV. And don’t get me started on what they think of Asians. #StopAsianHate, but we also have to stop admitting as many Asians to our colleges because they are smart and privileged so we have to discriminate against them. That brilliant idea by the way has been brought to you by America’s once illustrious but now laughable Ivy League. So yeah, Leftists are Racists. Feel free to call them that.

So as you see, we have many options. My personal favorite by the way is “Totalitarian”. The point however is that there are many options, so there is very little excuse to keep helping Leftists by referring to them as “Liberals” when they are anything but. And sure, I may have resorted to humor and smarmy remarks to make my point but can you other conservatives honestly say I am wrong? We need to fight smarter, and the first step is by calling the Left out for what they really are.

Anyway, I tried something new here with formatting, so leave your thoughts in the comments on that. But also, if you have any more labels we can use for leftists that you think are useful, drop them there, and really justify your suggestion.

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