An Open Letter to California Conservatives

Recently I was having a conversation with friends, and I jokingly said, “Wouldn’t America be better off if we could just yeet the entire state of California off into the Pacific?” We had good laugh, especially because it is a little funny when I use popular slang. But then one of my friends made an excellent point. He reminded me there are still Conservatives in California. And that got me thinking, “How many are there, and why would they stay there?”

Well, I am one of those inquisitive minds who can’t leave a good question unanswered, so I googled it. This is what I found, in the 2016 election:

  • 4,483,810 Californians voted for Donald Trump
  • 478,500 Californians voted for the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson
  • 39,596 Californians voted for a Conservative leaning Independent candidate named Evan McMullin

Unfortunately, their voices get drowned out by the over 8 Million Democrats who voted for Hillary Clinton, many of those votes possibly being fraudulent since California makes zero effort to guarantee the integrity of their election. Of course, they do automatically register people to vote when they apply for a driver’s license. And they let illegal immigrants apply for and obtain driver’s licenses. So, yeahhh………………

See, that is the bad news there. The deck is being heavily stacked against the 5,001,906 Conservative-leaning voters. Even as rich white liberals flee the state for red states, taking their destructive voting habits with them like a plague of hungry locusts leaving nothing but ruin and socialism behind them, the California Democrats are illegally shoring up their bets to make sure they don’t get knocked off their thrones. It’s unfair, it’s disgusting, it is illegal. And it isn’t even the biggest problem!!

Remember that plague of Locusts I mentioned earlier? They are actively trying to flip our country’s best state and a Republican stronghold. That’s right, they are targeting Texas. Between 2012 and 2020 the population of Texas has grown dramatically, but it has been partially because of an influx of Illegal Immigrants from the southern border as well as the mass exodus from California. As a result, Texas elections are increasingly becoming real squeakers. That is a problem, although best estimates predict that Texas is not remotely in danger of becoming a purple state for another 20 years, that is assuming nothing dramatic happens.

So there are two problems. You wonderful Conservatives in California are suffering under the corrupt socialist government imposed by crooked Democrats. Meanwhile, in Texas, the Conservative majority that has kept Texas a free state since the 1980s and ’90s is under attack. You suffer there, while Texas Conservatives fight to keep their own state free. Why is that though?

I can’t really answer why, but here are a couple of my suggestions for how you can save your country and yourselves. The first one goes a little like this. There are around 5 Million Texas Conservatives, and there are 5 Million of you. If every Conservative in California moved to Texas, we could ensure Texas will remain free for a long time. What’s more, aside from taking away a noticeable chunk of California’s internal tax revenue, you would also take at least 6 House Seats and Electoral Votes from California and bring them to Texas.

That’s just one idea though, here is another. My home state of Maryland has squeaker elections every time we elect a governor, but there is a Democrat supermajority in our legislature and a majority Democrat House Delegation due to corrupt acts of Gerrymandering. Our election Turnout is usually around 1.8 Million voters even though we have a population of over 6 million, mainly because most people don’t feel that their vote matters when Democrats have a stranglehold on the state. An injection of around 1 or 2 million Conservative Californians would immediately flip a few Maryland Congressional House Seats, keep the Governor’s Mansion a Red Seat, and maybe even flip our legislature. And this same math applies one way or another to a few other states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin*, etc.

*see what I am getting at there?

Now of course there are hurdles to get over. The first and most obvious obstacle is that most of you don’t have the money to pull up roots and relocate thanks to high taxes and high costs of living. In addition, some of you have businesses, farms, or ranches. That can make it both fiscally and emotionally hard to move. All I can say about the emotional part is that you should consider, no matter how hard you stay and fight, there will always be around 60% of the population in California to oppress the 35 to 40% of you, stealing your hard-earned wages and living off the products of your own work. But then of course the issue of finances still remains, people who just have to move their family only need to find a relative to stay with or arrange a new job ahead of time and move, so their burden is tough but not the same as the burden a business owner might shoulder. I feel though that if there were enough demand and public desire for it, wealthier conservative business owners could band together to hire only California Conservatives to their out-of-state businesses and maybe even create a fund to help business owners and farmers move their livelihood out of California to other states. That would at least help offset the financial woes involved with fleeing the state.

Here is another important consideration that is more easily forgotten, health concerns. Some people have health problems outside of California’s dry desert climates and other locales, but some of those same climates exist in other states that are redder than Cali. Need a dry desert climate like that in Barstow? Try Arizona or Utah for that same desert air. Need a salty seaside habitat? Try Florida or either coast of Texas for that same environment. And if you need a high-altitude place to live, well Colorado could be easily flipped by a good 500,000 people.

Whatever your concern, whatever your need, there is a lot more of America that can accommodate you and which you can have a positive impact on. Seriously, your country needs you guys. Why stay in a hopelessly Blue State that exploits you when you could make a difference in other states that actually can be saved? So pack those bags, call those insufferable left-wing bosses and turn in your resignation. The same way California grew as a result of a mass exodus, you can make it shrink and take power away from the tyrants that rule there. In doing so you will be helping America by strengthening states that love freedom or flipping states that need to be saved. But more than that, you will be giving yourself and your family a chance at a better life and the American Dream.

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