There is No More White House, Just a Playhouse

At the beginning of August, news dropped that The Whitehouse and other government bodies were paying influencers to post videos encouraging their followers to get vaccinated. That’s right, the government is paying for propaganda. Bad propaganda. This is where the above image comes from, a cringeworthy video by “Influencer” Benito Skinner. The alleged actor/comedian, whom I never even heard of till his cringe-worthy performance, was apparently paid to do a creepy video where he was a Whitehouse intern under Jen “Evades the Question” Psaki who is encouraging people to get the vaccine. Honestly, this video made me Google “How to get ‘unvaccinated'”. But it is just another circus act from the Biden Regime with The Whitehouse as the stage.

Twitter user @DividingByZer0s summed it up best with this reply to a tweet about the bizarre video, she said “these videos aren’t designed to convince anyone of anything. They’re directed at people who are already vaccinated. It’s just a way for them to feel superior.” Generally speaking, this is correct. This video is the theater of despots, much like the Roman Emperor Nero used the colosseum, parties, circuses, celebrations, and shows to fascinate and satiate the masses while the empire of Rome crumbled around them. In America today, the stage for this undignified spectacle is the Whitehouse. Every Tweet with false information, every paid influencer spouting messages of obedience to our overlord detracts from the dignity of this house that once gave shelter to great men who advanced the dream of freedom.

Let me circle back here, and yes there was a joke intended there. Vaccine Theater aside, the Biden Regime has put up a lot of fronts to cover up or distract from their despotic actions. A cursory view at the @Whitehouse and @POTUS Twitter accounts will provide a good example. They brag about Biden creating jobs (he hasn’t, these are jobs just returning as the economy tries to recover from the lockdowns his party pushed) and saving people money on their cookouts (while glossing over the fact his weak foreign policy made gas prices shoot up to $3), all while there is a humanitarian crisis at the border created by his policies. And that’s only the beginning.

While the White House is hiring and promoting influencers to push propaganda, they have also all but admitted they are working with private companies to silence dissenters. That’s right, not only are they paying the people willing to agree with them publicly to promote their agenda, they are actively working to censor their opposition while they hold a seat of power. This is not just limited to social media. The Biden White House is also trying to purge our military of any dissent. So far they are trying to mandate that American Troops once again be subject to experimental drugs, and since they have no legal route to do so they are trying to coerce the young men and women who want to serve our country into taking the vaccine, quitting the military, or being treated worse than most prisoners kept in the US Prison System. And it isn’t just a purge with a passive approach of “Consent or Leave”, back in May a Lt. Colonel with the United States Space Force was fired for criticizing attempts to force CRT propaganda on US Troops which has been spearheaded by Biden’s political appointees to the military. As the Lt. Colonel pointed out, while the political appointees are harping about purging extremism from the military, CRT fits the criteria of extremism according to DoD Instruction 1325.06 and should not be pushed by the military brass.

But again, this is an ideological purge, so rules and laws and regulations don’t matter. Rights and freedom don’t matter. Any of this sound familiar? It really should. This is what the prelude to any totalitarian regime looks like.

So again, let us recap. The Biden Admin is hiring performers to push their propaganda and distract from their blunders. They are taking credit for things they had no hand in achieving. They are partnering with sympathetic corporations to censor their opposition. They are purging the military of any opposition to their ideology through coercion or outright dismissal. Again, all the hallmarks of a despotic regime. This brings us to the meaning of the title of this blog post.

Chief Jester of the Biden White House

Of course part of this is a jab at the juvenile and childish nature of what they are doing, they have turned the people’s house into a playhouse for colicky children. But it is more than that. Nero had the colosseum, Hitler had his beer halls. Biden has The White House, his deranged playhouse where paid minstrels prance and keep the people entertained. Where cooperative players who claim to report the truth laugh heartily as the clown with red hair dances past and evades questions about the crises this country is facing. All of this to distract as they silence dissent and allow American’s to suffer. The motto at the Biden Playhouse is, “The sickest, most deranged show on earth”.

So if you find yourself disturbed just by the hand-picked gay stereotype promoting an experimental drug, you’re not alone. But this hand-picked fool who was chosen to draw chortling laughter with his Gay Minstrel Show is more than just disturbing, he is a dangerous sign of where this country is right now. Because while the idiots in New York and San Francisco cackle and laugh and revel in their unearned sense of superiority, our southern border is being overrun and our enemies are attacking our supply of energy. While our country burns, the elite and the unaware masses pay attention only to the performance coming out of the Playhouse on Pennsylvania Ave and not to the reality around them. And if we don’t do something to close this playhouse by 2024 and restore it to a house of honor and gravity, our country will be totally lost.

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