Here’s to the Democrats, and their Total Disregard for Life

In American politics, people often accuse the Republican Party of being obsessed with violence and death. Hell, we are the party that pushed for that pesky 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms not to be violated, and we believe in defending our Israeli allies from terrorists. We hunt, we drink beer, watch that ever-so-violent UFC, and wrestling. We are hardly obsessed with violence though, we don’t go out and seek it, although we are ready for it when it comes. The same cannot be said for the Democrats though. Democrat activists seek out violence, and the politicians pursue policies that lead to many meaningless deaths, and go on to trivialize or underplay those deaths. Of course, Democrats will claim this accusation or any accusation like it is totally baseless, but there are countless examples that prove my point.

The Pratt Street Riot. A mob of Baltimore Democrats killed three members of the Massachusetts 6th Regiment whose train cars were being transferred to the Camden Depot across Pratt Street.

A good place to start is the behavior of Democrats during the 19th Century. Here in Baltimore, the Democrats started a riot to try and prevent Union Troops from going further south to protect the Capitol. Known locally as The Pratt Street Riot, the violence left 36 Union soldiers wounded and took the lives of 3 men from the Massachusetts 6th Regiment. One of the soldiers murdered by the Democrats that day had his face smashed in beyond recognition by a paving stone, the mob’s weapon of choice. A week later, Union Troops occupied Baltimore and arrested the Democrat Mayor, George W. Brown as well as the city council which was also composed of Democrats. Of course, this wouldn’t be the only heinous attack committed by either side during the Democrat’s war of insurrection, but as a Republican in Baltimore, it hits close to home. Of course, the more heinous acts took place during Reconstruction.

During Reconstruction and in the decades after, there were countless insurrections, murders, lynchings, and other acts of violence by Democrats who were trying to take back the power they lost after their defeat in the Civil War. Here are a few of the notable ones:

  • New Orleans Massacre of 1866: A mob of democrats attacked a peaceful demonstration of Freedmen, leading to a riot in which unofficial estimates state up to 200 people were killed, only 3 of them being the Democrat attackers.
  • Colfax Massacre: After losing the Louisiana Gubernatorial election of 1872 despite massive fraud efforts to put themselves into power, Democrats around the state of Louisinana began using force of violence to install their own government. When Republican Officials in Colfax refused to surrender to them, Democrats massacred the black population of the town. Military investigations after the fact identified 3 Democrats killed during the massacre, and up to 125 black Republicans killed by the Democrats.
  • Coushatta Massacre: Democrats arrrested and murdered 26 people around the town of Coushatta Louisiana, accusing them of “Inciting a Negro Rebellion”
  • Riot of Liberty Place: Taking place in 1874, this riot, also referred to as “The Battle of Liberty Place” was the final conflict in the 2-year insurrection by Louisiana Democrats over their unsuccessful attempt to steal the 1872 Gubernatorial Elections. Democrats attacked New Orleans killing 11 people affiliated with the legitimately elected Louisiana State Government and losing 21 of their own, and were able to occupy New Orleans for a couple of days till US Troops arrested them.
  • Eufala Massacre of 1874: Democrats targeted and killed 7 Black Republicans and the son of an Election Judge, and went on to injure over 50 more people in an attempt to intimidate potential witnesses to their murders. They also are said to have threatened to sell witnesses as slaves unless they kept quiet.
  • Wilmington Insurrection of 1898: Democrats used force to unseat the “Fusionist” government of Wilmington North Carolina, also killing up to 300 black people and burning down the only black-owned newspaper in the city.

Of course, massacres aren’t the only way Democrats have ensured the wholesale slaughter of black people in the US. The abortion industry has also decimated the African American population just as its advocates intended, and it was intended. Many know of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood which is the largest abortion provider in the country, and the largest abortion advocate. Sanger herself was a huge supporter of using abortion for eugenics. Namely, she wanted to use abortion to reduce the population of blacks and foreigners. No surprise then that the Democrats are the biggest supporters of Planned Parenthood and abortion on demand, as now African Americans only make up 12.4% of the American population. Exactly what Margaret and the Dems wanted back in the 19th Century!!

Mind you, their argument for abortion on demand is still selfish even once you remove the racism. “My body, My Choice”, is always religiously chanted by the racist pro-abortion Dems as if there were no other choices before that. Mind you, I am an advocate of allowing abortions for victims of rape or incest, or cases where the life of the mother is put in danger by the pregnancy, but those cases account for a combined 1.5% of abortion cases in the US. Most women who decide to get an abortion have plenty of choices before they reach Planned Parenthood though, the choice to remain celibate or insist their partner wear a condom, or even to take the morning after pill before the fertilized material begins to develop into a fetus. Instead, Democrats tell women that murder is an empowering and legitimate choice instead of exercising discretion and that the maturing children in them who are starting to think and feel are just clumps of cells. This of course isn’t their worst attempt to excuse wanton disregard for people’s lives or property of course.

CNN trying to cover for 2020 rioters by claiming the riot was mostly peaceful, despite property burning down behind them.

Who remembers, “Firey but Mostly Peaceful?” Thats how CNN tried to describe the riots in Kenosha Wisconsin. Meanwhile, businesses were burning, business owners and residents were in fear for their lives, and a young boy would later be arrested and prosecuted for shooting and killing two rioters who tried to assault him. Of course, the media went on to claim the boy was a murderer while social media companies began banning any user who brought up the fact it was self-defense or that the two men he killed were a convicted pedophile and a wife beater. After all, that violence was unacceptable, and they didn’t want to have to admit their “firey but peaceful riots” had convicted pedophiles attacking young boys so they just ignored it.

Guess what else they ignored or tried to justify? The over 500 officers nationwide who were injured or killed during the first few weeks of the riots. The 19 people killed during the George Floyd riots, mainly looters but also innocent bystanders. And the teenager killed in the CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle as well as the others who were merely wounded by gunfire, was definitely acceptable to the Democrats who allowed rioters to blockade the streets and then told the federal government to mind its own business while armed rioters set up their own violence riddled shantytown. This is all totally acceptable for Democrats. Maxine Waters even advocated for this kind of mob violence not once, but twice. And predictably, the rest of the Democrat leadership defended her remarks.

More disgusting however than the Democrat’s disregard for the life of US citizens in our borders is the disregard and disdain they have for the lives of US Soldiers and citizens stationed overseas. Biden’s Afghan withdrawal is a good example of this. To start, Joe Biden ignored an arrangement made by the previous administration which would have had us safely withdraw our troops in May of 2020 based on the Taliban meeting certain conditions. Instead, he waited till after the deadline and immediately abandoned the US’s strongest foothold in Afghanistan, and continued withdrawing troops even as Taliban Troops swiftly overtook outlying provincial districts. When lawmakers and even the media pointed this out, he and his generals lied and said the Afghan Military was ready to stop the Taliban and that there was no imminent Taliban takeover. 2 Days after that last assurance the first Afghani provincial capital fell to the Taliban, and within 11 days the rest followed. Even as the Afghani government fell however they continued the lies, repeating days before the fall of Kabul that there was no imminent Taliban takeover. When Kabul fell on August 15th, Taliban Soldiers marched into the Capitol of Afghanistan armed with US Military Hardware that had been ordered abandoned by Biden’s Generals, and the Afghani Military was in shambles.

The horrible incompetence didn’t end there. Under Biden’s orders, The Pentagon evacuated US Troops while making no effort to evacuate the 60,000 American Civilians and Afghani Visa holders until days after the withdrawal. 13 US Marines were killed due to Biden’s incompetence, 13 dead Marines he would later dishonor by looking at his watch like he had somewhere better to be during a ceremony meant to honor their return to their families on US Soil. And even with their sacrifice which he just spit on, Biden basically abandoned the citizens they were there to protect. In fact, he did more than just callously abandon them.

Biden was caught checking his watch during the ceremony to receive the 13 US Troops killed by his botched Afghan Withdrawl.

Far more than just abandoning them, Biden and his administration showed contempt and disdain for the citizens left behind as they were an embarrassment to his administration. When Prince Wafa, a US Military Translator who became a US Citizen n 2019, called the State Department asking for help, he was shocked when the Biden State Department just hung up the phone on him. And why did they do this you ask? Well, Biden had already announced a successful withdrawal of US Citizens after evacuating unvetted non-citizen refugees and leaving behind 200 passport-carrying citizens. This of course happened after the Biden Administration had basically handed over a kill list to the Taliban of individuals like Prince Wafa who had worked with the US Military as well as other allies and US Citizens. Going a step further to cover his embarrassment, of course, Biden’s State Department also blocked private groups from evacuating the people he had left behind like garbage. But then again the Democrats were more concerned about covering up Biden’s embarrassment than preserving lives.

See Democrats only view war action through the lens of whether or not it is politically advantageous to them, not whether or not lives will be lost or despots will be put in power. For a good example of this, look no further than Ukraine. In 2014 the Ukrainian President at the time, Victor Yanukovych, had decided to end the government’s efforts to join the EU and NATO to instead join a customs union with Russia, Belarus, and Khazakstan which would have been more economically beneficial to the county according to his administration. Protests broke out as a result which then turned into a violent coup which the US became deeply involved in, so much so US Officials were caught discussing which faction to back in the coup. In the end, the faction the Obama Administration decided to back was a Neo-Fascist Group which even went as far as to kill protestors to speed along the coup. Of course, the US State Department and Mainstream Media blamed Yanukovych for the snipers, then ignored the new coup imposed government as they locked people in buildings and burnt them to death in Odessa and then marched around the country wearing Nazi Symbols on their uniforms. This continued up until Ukraine held its first elections after the coup and elected Petro Poroshenko.

But putting fascists in charge is no big deal to Democrats, its just another way to gain power. Another good example of this is the measures they pushed during Covid-19. When Covid-19 was in full swing, Democrats seized on the fear and hysteria to impose lockdowns and change voting rules in ways that were favorable to them. It was supposed to be 15-days to slow the spread but quickly turned into almost 2 years of lockdowns. Opponents of the lockdowns pointed out that they were ineffective at preventing Covid Deaths, and that during the lockdowns Child Suicides rose 299%, Alcoholism rose 60%, and long-term unemployment rose to 41%. People who brought up these facts however were called science deniers, their social media accounts were blocked, and even governors who decided to lift mask mandates were ridiculed and insulted by Joe Biden despite the fact those states were handling Covid better than their Blue State counterparts. All that recently changed when Democrats saw they were down on every generic ballot, then suddenly Democrats discovered “New Science” which allowed them to ease the lockdowns for voting-age adults to help save their poor polling numbers.

The numbers that really mattered to the Democrats were not the 299% increase in child suicides or the 60% increase in alcoholism, or the people losing their jobs, but the Republicans beating Democrats by 13 points on a generic ballot. Lives did not matter to them. Not the lives lost to suicide or alcoholism. Not the lives ruined by the loss of employment. And they certainly never cared about science. The only thing that soured them on the destructive lockdown policies was the fact that they became a direct threat to their ability to maintain power. In reality, if their polling numbers hadn’t dropped so drastically or if they had been just slightly below Republicans within a few points of the margin of error, they would have continued these policies into the foreseeable future.

To understand how the Democrats can have such a disregard for life and can so easily justify violence that benefits them, you need look no further than their “best and brightest”. Look at Kamala Harris, who inappropriately cackled when asked about the 13 marines killed in Afghanistan. Look at Jen Psaki who suggested that voters dissatisfied with the Biden Administration’s failures “Take Kickboxing or Have a Margarita”. What do Democrats at the top all have in common? They are all amoral sociopaths, which is why they have no concern for human lives much less the welfare of their voters, all they care about is what they have to do or say next to keep in power. So here’s to the amoral sociopaths currently running our country!! I just wonder how long people will keep putting them in power when their attitude towards Americans is, “sit down, shut up, and die for us.”

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