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My New Author’s Blog

I am pleased to announce the start of my Author’s Blog. Aside from sharing business updates here, I also look forward to providing readers with high-quality opinion pieces

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How I Solved my Thanksgiving Dillema

Recently I was faced with a complicated dilemma. I do not want to step a single foot into Pennsylvania at the moment, after their decision to elect a braindead racist named John Fetterman. And yes, I am sure the state chose this as his margin of victory was beyond the margin of cheating for Democrats…

An Open Letter to Elon Musk

Mr. Musk, you have really let me down. I was really excited by your claims that you would bring free speech back when you bought Twitter. I looked forward to the 28th of October. And it came, and nothing. You see I was banned weeks prior by Twitter under the leadership of the former CEO…


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