The Lincoln Debacle

Note: As of the date I wrote this (12/19/21), Google still lists Abraham Lincoln who was the 16th President of the United States and the first Republican President through both his terms, as a member of the National Union Party instead of the Republican Party. Also, the Wikipedia page for Bull Connor lists him as a Democrat and then a Dixiecrat, giving the false impression that he was a member of the short-lived political movement of 1948. In reality, Bull Connor was a lifelong Democrat and was a Democrat in 1961 when he ordered the police to stand down so a Ku Klux Klan group could act on behalf of the Democratic Party to try to scare off civil rights activists from the south.

In the last decade, we have gotten used to the left’s use of lies and Media/Internet propaganda. Mind you they had always been lying before that to cover up the inconvenient truths about their party. For example, they have claimed for a long time that the parties switched and they passed the civil rights act, a lie that is easily debunked and one I have already debunked before in my first book. Of course, to make that lie work, they have to lie about some of the most basic facts of history, like political affiliations. Till now, the left has been content to just omit the affiliation of “The Great Emancipator”, Abraham Lincoln who was our 16th President and the father of the Republican Party. Occasionally they tell outright lies, like how Lincoln was a Democrat (Because the parties switched) or how “if Lincoln were alive today he would be a Democrat or at least not a Republican.” And till now those lies have been contained to out-of-the-way plaques meant to deceive impressionable college students or Op-Eds on propaganda sites like MSN/Salon and CNN, and of course on the blogs of left-wing lunatics.

In light of the fact that the Democratic Party is losing popularity and are set to be utterly demolished in next year’s midterms, they have gotten more aggressive with their lies. Google now lists our 16th President not as a Republican, but as a member of the National Union Party. Now, I will dig into that in more detail in a moment, but for all intents and purposes, I should make it clear there was no such thing as the National Union Party. But the Democrats at Google probably felt claiming Lincoln was a Democrat was tipping their hand too much, they probably felt it was more subtle to go with a more subtle lie. The goal after all is mainly to separate Lincoln from the party he created, the party that to this day still pushes his ideals for a balanced government dedicated to Constitutional principles and Racial Equality, as opposed to Racial Division and pushing coddling terms like Equity which modern-day Democrats push for.

Now switching party affiliations on divisive political figures of the past is nothing new. Not to toot my own horn again, but in my book, I cite an example of Wikipedia editors trying to change the political affiliation of Bull Connor, a Democrat Politician from Birmingham Alabama who told police to stand down to allow the Ku Klux Klan to attack a bus full of civil rights activists, from Democrat to Republican. They do this a lot. In fact, one of the articles I cite here, the one from CNN, tells a lot of these party-switching lies and half-truths. Honestly, it makes a lot of sense just to pick apart that article, which is what I am going to do.

In defending the lie that the parties switched, CNN’s alleged “Political Analyst” Zachary B. Wolf tries to claim George Wallace wasn’t a Democrat because he ran as an independent in 1968. This of course ignores the fact that Wallace would later run again on the Democrat ticket in 1972. He also claimed Nixon, Regan, and Trump were white supremacists. Now, this is on its face a ridiculous lie. It was Richard Nixon who codified and expanded Federal Affirmative Action in hiring practices that discouraged racial discrimination in employment, and it was Donald Trump’s hard work that led to the passage of the First Step Act which undid many unfair provisions of the Democrat passed 1994 Criminal Justice Reform Law which targeted African Americans with harsher prison sentences for small crimes. And of course, Ronald Regan is the President who made Martin Luther King’s Birthday a Federal Holiday, something Democrat Presidents Jimmy Carter and Lyndon B. Johnson failed to do in the years after his horrific assassination*.

*By a guy who worked for Democrat George Wallace actually

Actually, let’s talk about Johnson and the Democrats. The left loves to claim Democrats passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, however, the truth is that the act was driven by the Republican Minority in congress at the time while it was filibustered by many Democrats who held the majority. In fact, 78% of the “No” votes on the bill were from the Democrats. When you point that out Democrats always fall back on the fact Lyndon B. Johson signed it into law rather than vetoing it, which ignores the fact that Johnson was a massive racist who had worked to weaken the 1957 Civil Rights act when he was then-Senator Johnson and signed the 1964 bill only to prevent the political fallout that would have damaged the Democratic party if he hadn’t passed it. And of course, all of this also ignores the fact that the 1964 Civil Rights act was just a copy of many civil rights acts passed by Republicans in the late 1860s and most of the 1870s which were ultimately overturned by the Democrats Judicial appointees to the Supreme Court. And of course, all of those laws were inspired by Lincoln and were passed by so-called “Radical Republicans” who were considered radical for their belief that Civil Rights was the most urgent policy issue of their time. Funny isn’t it, how they were considered radical because they believed the treasonous Democratic Party shouldn’t be allowed to hold power and terrorize black people they could no longer keep as slaves?

In fact, to be frank, the very history of the Civil Rights movement is a history driven entirely by the Republican Party. Thats is because the spirit of Lincoln is inextricably infused into the ideals of the party. This brings us to the issue at the heart of this article, the claims of Lincoln belonging to the National Union Party. The fact is, the National Union Party was never an entity, it didn’t exist. The National Union Party was a coalition of Northern Democrats and Republicans, a misguided attempt by the Republicans to project a sense of unity on a country recovering from the Democrat’s treasonous division in the Civil War. The term “National Union Party” was adopted merely to reflect the fact that Lincoln, a Republican, chose Johnson, a Democrat, to be his vice-presidential running mate. It was not a new party, Lincoln didn’t switch parties, and in fact, even Wikipedia lists it as just another name the Republican Party used in the 1864 elections. From that fateful moment in 1858 when Lincoln accepted being the Republican Nominee for the US Senate in Illinois to the fateful night a Democrat Sypathiser murdered him in the Ford Theater, Lincoln was a Republican through and through.

Now as I said at the start, the Democrats have their very sinister reason for trying to separate Lincoln from the Republicans, that reason being that if people find out Lincoln was a Republican they will likely question the lies democrats tell about the nature of the two parties. Try as they might though, they can never truly achieve this goal of separating us from our roots. Lincoln may have chosen the young and budding Republican Party in 1858, but from that point onward it is the Republican Party that chose his greatness. Even today we are still the party that believes that everybody should be treated equally under the law, no matter their race, economic class, or political background. We are still for the most part the party of the self-made man. We still believe in American Exceptionalism and the idea that no matter who you are you can make something of yourself in this country just by working really hard. And no amount of lies or misdirection from the left and their sycophants in the Media or Silicon Valley can change that.

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