Cuomo: A Legacy of Perversion and Corruption

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Update: on 12/28/21, Prosecutors in Nassau and Westchester counties have said they will not be moving forward with charges against Andrew Cuomo. They have stated that while witnesses and evidence are credible, the Prosecutor claimed: “we cannot pursue criminal charges due to the statutory requirements of the criminal laws of New York.” This claim is in itself spurious at best, and merits further examination and possibly further update.

2021 marks the at least temporary downfall of the Cuomo Dynasty. First, there was the long string of sexual assault allegations against Andrew Cuomo leading to his resignation from the governor’s office in August and the announcement of “Misdemeanor Sex” charges being filed against him in the Albany City Courts in October. Then in December his brother Andrew Cuomo, who worked as CNN’s leading Anchor (or failure if you judge by the ratings), was fired by CNN after it was found he was helping his brother aggressively dig up dirt to harass his accusers. And their father was no peach either, in fact, I am sure that’s where their behavior comes from. So here is a testament to the Cuomo Family Legacy, and another reminder of why family political dynasties are not a great idea.

Mario Cuomo

Now for those of you who have read my book, you know Mario Cuomo oversaw the first legal case where a state was accused of violating the 3rd Amendment. For those who haven’t read my book, the case was Engblom V Carey, and the decision was rendered in 1982 when he was still Lt. Governor of New York. But the bigger scandals of Mario Cuomo have less to do with what he presided over as Lt. Governor but how he was elected to the office of Governor, as well as who he is associated with. One name that stands out is Geraldine Ferraro, the Vice Presidential Running Mate to Walter Mondale in 1984 who tanked their campaign with a scandal surrounding her mob-connected husband’s finances. What many people don’t know about Geraldine is that according to Mario himself, he “politically discovered” Geraldine. Of course, that alone sounds innocent, but their connection runs much deeper than a political relationship.

According to a 1986 article by Joseph Brewda they shared a common acquaintance within the Gambino crime family, Nicolas “Santiago” Sands, who was indicted and jailed in 1975 for embezzling half a million in pension funds from the Carpenters Local 3108 Union. Sands was the godson of Carlo Gambino, the crime boss who was in charge of the American Mafia till his death in 1976. Two years after the infamous mob boss’s death and 3 years after his conviction, Sands was in charge of Campaign Fundraising for Geraldine Ferarro’s 1978 Congressional Campaign, although the introduction may not have been through Cuomo. Geraldine’s Husband John Zaccaro was a business partner of Sands, so it’s actually likely that it was Ferarro who introduced Cuomo to Sands. In any case, Cuomo’s name would end up connected to Sand’s nearly a decade later in connection to a criminal probe by the Department of Justice.

In May of 1985, a company named The Mattone Group Ltd. put in a bid for a Multi-Million Dollar project at the airport in Pittsburg. At the time The Mattone Group’s Vice President was Nicholas Sands, and among the references they listed on the application was Mario Cuomo. Allegheny County initially gave the contract to the Mattone Group, but then abruptly canceled the contract around the time the Department of Justice Criminal Probe into the Mattone Group began. Rumors about the investigation stated that the project was tied to Mafia Drug Running and that the plans for the airport included the addition of a customs house that would have upended a previous arrangement where items needing to be passed through customs would come in through Cleveland and then be trucked to Pittsburg. Sands also owned several trucking companies out of Kennedy Airport in New York, so aside from the cash made from the drug trade, he was also poised to make money by entering trucking contracts with the Pittsburg Airport and Allegheny County. Of course, Sands wasn’t Cuomo’s only tie to the Mattone Group. The firm’s owner Joe Mattone was also the top fundraiser for many of Cuomo’s election efforts, including his 82 Gubernatorial run in the midst of the Engblom lawsuit. Through and through, the elder Cuomo had so many mob connections it’s no surprise he would deflect the criticism for it by claiming “Mafia” was a racist term for Italians.

Andrew Cuomo

Andrew, aside from being a huge pervert, was also tied up in his father’s Mafia business. In 1986 his law firm was tied up with mafia clients related to his father’s dealings. This mafia attitude clearly followed him decades later into his political career. In fact, Andrew Cuomo’s career as governor would be characterized by the many scandals painting a portrait of corruption, cronyism, negligence, and some would even argue murder, while in office. His corruption in office is so much more extensive than his fathers that I found it easier to just do a list:

The Moreland Commission

During his first Gubernatorial Campaign in 2010, Cuomo campaigned on a promise to weed out corruption in Albany. In 2013, 2 years into his first term, he formed The Moreland Commission to investigate political corruption in Albany. Although he proclaimed the commission would be totally independent, it almost immediately ran afoul of Cuomo and his allies when its members began investigating a firm that did fundraising for top state Democrats including Cuomo himself. After the co-chair of the commission ignored warnings by a Cuomo aide to stop investigating the firm and began to investigate more incidents of corruption in the executive branch, Cuomo disbanded the commission in 2014 a year after it was formed. In the following outrage, a federal prosecutor appointed by Obama feigned an investigation into the matter and took the required pound of flesh by indicting two top Democrats in the New York Legislature. But, when it came to Andrew Cuomo and the Executive Branch, he reported that he found no wrongdoing that amounted to a federal crime despite the Governors’ efforts to intimidate and influence the commission.

The “Buffalo Billions”

After losing Western New York to a Republican in his 2010 Campaign, Cuomo was eager to curry favor in a part of the state he and other Democrats were woefully out of touch with. To this end, he announced a Billion Dollar investment in Western New York and the City of Buffalo. The project was to include upgrades to the Buffalo Waterfront, as well as upgrades to Hospitals, Modernized Factories, and other amenities. The man Cuomo put in charge of this money was the founder of the State University of New York Polytechnic Institute, Alain Kaloyeros. Everything seemed to be going fine with the project and Kaloyeros had even begun supervising the construction of a 750 Million Dollar project to build a Solar Power plant when he entered the crosshairs of Federal Prosecutors. Turns out, Kaloyeros was dumb enough to brag online about his $800,000 Dollar salary from the state and his political connections. This lead to the revelation that Kaloyeros was giving projects to Cuomo Donors as a political kickback, and had funneled 850 Million Dollars to the companies already. Yet again though, there was no blowback to Cuomo who immediately distanced himself from Kaloyeros.


Andrew Cuomo was heralded as a hero by the leftist elites for immediately stepping on the rights of New Yorkers and crushing his state Economy. They claimed he was a model for other Governors on how they should handle Covid, despite the fact his state had the highest number of Covid deaths in the country, easily eclipsing Red States like Florida and Texas. Turns out, he was also a Hypocrite and directly responsible for many of those Covid deaths. Earlier this year among the sexual assault allegations I will cover next, it came to light that when testing became available, testing priority was given to him and his family members over urgent care workers and other vulnerable individuals. In 2020 Cuomo also issued an order to force Nursing Homes in New York to accept patients being treated for Covid-19. Within weeks of his order the number of deaths in these nursing homes shot up, but to avoid being investigated by the Department of Justice under President Trump, he reported a number of deaths from those nursing homes which was 50% less than the actual death toll. Had this information come out while President Trump was still in office, Andrew Cuomo would likely be in federal prison right now awaiting trial.

Sexual Assault of Women

Which brings us to what he actually will likely end up in prison for. Between December 13th, 2020, and March 29th, 2021, 11 women came forward to accuse Andrew Cuomo of multiple incidents of Sexual Harassment. Cuomo denied the incidents and even had his brother Chris try to dig up dirt on his accusers. All of his attempts to intimidate his accusers were ultimately fruitless however. When the writing on the wall became apparent, even his fraudlency Joe Biden called for Cuomo to step down, and so on August 10th, 2021 he resigned from his position as Governor of New York State. On October 28th, a spokesperson for the state courts confirmed Andrew would be facing Misdemeanor Sexual Assault Charges. Andrew Cuomo however still has remained defiant. It is reported that he has mounted a revenge campaign targeted at, among others, his successor Kathy Hochul, and it is financed with 18 Million Dollars of his “leftover” Campaign funds. So it is very likely when Republicans take back power in 2022 and 2024, he will ultimately face federal charges for violating campaign finance violations too.

Chris Cuomo*

Chris Cuomo is the stupid younger brother of Andrew, whose achievements mainly rested on the laurels of his Father and Brother. Chris has no special talent of his own, no charisma, he is about as complex and stimulating as a game of jacks. Despite this, he has gotten himself the spot as the best Cable News Anchor (in his own mind) on cable TV and has embroiled himself in quite a few scandals. Of course, there was “Fredogate” and also Chris’s attempt to stage his “exit” from quarantine after violating it. What finally got Fredo fired though was his efforts to “help” his big brother Andrew, and by help I mean to dig up personal and possibly damaging information on the women that were accusing Andrew of Sexual Assault. Karma being the bitch that it is, of course, part of what precipitated his termination from CNN was sexual assault allegations from his former boss as well as another accuser from CNN.

*wow, he was so pathetic I could sum him up in 6 sentences

And so…………..

As you see, the Cuomo Family is a detestable group of scumbags. While some are lamenting their downfall as a sad moment in New York’s political history, I think it is a glorious moment that should be celebrated. The Cuomo Family is exactly what you get when an already corrupt family becomes a family political dynasty. So yes, I celebrate their downfall and hope for the downfall of more family dynasties like that of the Cuomo’s. Because when politics becomes the family business, you’re sure to end up with corrupt criminals and scumbags running wild whether they are Republican or Democrat. But odds are they will likely be Democrats.

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