Work, Professional Stumbles, And Twitter. (Or More Simply Put, What Your Humble Author Has Been Doing These Past 6 Months.)

Hello everyone. Welcome to what one would generally categorize as a pointless read when you expect your political writer to write about politics. Still, there will also be politics so it’s not a total waste of your time if that’s your bread and butter. And if you’re just along for the ride, then good for you. You must be a man or woman with a highly inquisitive mind, or you’re just bored out of your skull. Either way, you’re in for a lot of personal information about your humble author that will make you want to cheer him on or question his sanity.

First off, What’s up with my Writing Work?

Writing-wise, it’s mostly on hold with the exception of taking notes as I have been working and then recovering from wasted work. I haven’t talked about this much, but a second book has been in the works since 2020. On top of that, I started working on a third earlier this year, and last year I began the concept for a book which I am still taking notes for, but I am convinced will be my best work which I’ll never be able to top.

The manuscript I started in 2020 will be a follow-up to my first book in many ways, except the premise of this book is examining the mistakes of the Republican Party, namely in their response (or lack thereof) to the violence and lies of the Democratic Party. So far that manuscript covers up until the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt, but I’ve gotten kinda stuck there and have had to step back. Part of it is that Teddy is one of my favorite presidents, and it is hard to pick apart someone you admire. Nonetheless, I will get there eventually and move on to more fun subjects like the Taft Presidency.

The Manuscript I started this year is more personal in nature. It’s a brutally honest set of essays about my struggles with clinical depression. It’s a bit of a departure from my political work, and it is also on hold because there is a lot there to struggle with for me since it is very personal in nature. But it’s something that I hope will help people out on an individual level by learning to deal with their own condition, or maybe help someone deal with a loved one with clinical depression.

And the manuscript I started taking notes for last year is……………
Absolutely 100% top secret. But I guarantee it will be well worth the wait. Still, many more works will come before it. Possibly even the Revised Edition of my first book, which you can buy here if you haven’t already.

I also have a few article concepts I may revisit in the weeks to come so there could be new content here too.

Now, what about my other work and this “professional stumble”?

So last you heard from me, I had just finished working for Alex Mooney in a historic election that saw “We The People” win over “The Establishment”. In terms of confidence, I was on Cloud-9 which was great because I had already begun working on another campaign. Unfortunately, there were issues there. The Campaign manager in charge when I started this new job was an incompetent, toxic moron, whose one skill was grifting. Sorry, did I say one skill? His second skill was verbally abusing other campaign staff and trying to shift the blame for his major fuckups onto them. Before going further though I want to make one thing clear so I don’t get your hopes up. Just like on my resume, I will not be mentioning the candidate’s name or the names of anyone I worked with (fuckup included). I am only vaguely recounting the events that happened since it isn’t worth the trouble and drama of naming names and starting a pissing match, and for me personally it is a professional embarrassment since I put myself in a bad position which is why it will never show up on my resume.

Anyway, back to the fuckup and the campaign. I endured his tenure as campaign manager for 2 months until he was fired after the primary in which my candidate won, but not by as much as they could have or should have. Of course, by the time he was finally fired he had already caused one staffer to quit, and there were other nasty rumors of malfeasance. In addition to these problems, nobody clearly defined what my role in the campaign was. I was under the impression when I joined that I was being hired for my abilities as a writer. In the end, I was being used as a door knocker. The problem with this was that I have certain issues with heat, and so by August, I was actively harming myself by pushing my body to the limit to knock on doors.

Sadly my failing health wasn’t the major cause for my departure from the campaign in mid-September, just a contributing factor. In the end, I quit when my candidate brought back the malicious incompetent fuckup from the primary, and paid him exactly what he made in the primary. He was making as much as the new, likable campaign manager who actually knew how to do his job. At this point, I was just done with this campaign, it was in an intolerable work environment and my health was just a few weeks away from going into free fall, so I quit. The saddest part is I turned down a potential job during the Dr. Oz Recount to work on this campaign I ultimately ended up quitting. So at the end of the day, I damaged myself financially for the few months of work I will never be paid for now, and professionally by not taking the better opportunity with a Candidate getting national media attention. The moral of the story is never blindly work for your friends. (The candidate in question was a friend, although I am not sure we are now after everything that transpired.)

Anyway, after quitting my campaign job I went to Central Pennsylvania to spend time with family as the weather was cooler there. The timing was good as 2 weeks into this visit my health went into free fall, I was getting sick repeatedly (nausea, body aches, sinus issues) and my sleep was totally off. I was also dealing with depression thanks to the rollercoaster of feeling like I was on top of the world working for one candidate, then feeling like an idiot for wasting months of my time on another campaign I had to quit. I also had issues from the painful sunburns on my feet. This was another souvenir of the campaign I had just quit as I had resorted to wearing sandals to cope with my issues from the heat just so I could knock on a few extra doors each day without collapsing.

My stepmother was sensitive to both my physical and mental health issues luckily, she is a Nurse Practitioner, and was instrumental in helping me get over both. Since I have gotten back on my feet, I have been making calls for Neil Parrot’s Congressional Campaign on a volunteer basis, and improving myself in other ways so that when I return to Baltimore I will not have just wasted my time convalescing. This effort has been rewarding in many ways, I actually got to meet Neil Parrot and Ted Cruz at a rally recently which was wonderful. I have also done two radio interviews on Main Street Radio Network recently. Both went very well if you ask me.

Meeting Ted Cruz was actually pretty exciting
(From Left to Right: My Father (Mark Hellmann), Neil Parrott, Me, Ted Cruz)

About Twitter

So both of my interviews were about Twitter. I was actually banned in mid-October. Twitter’s Content Moderation Gestapo claimed I was inciting Racial Hatred and Violence by posting memes in the replies to John Fetterman’s Tweets about how he is a racist who chased an unarmed black man with a shotgun. Apparently calling out a racist Democrat is incitement, but his supporters saying things along the lines of “He was just defending his home cause that black man had no business being in that neighborhood at night” is totally fine. Apparently, the 2022 platform for the Dems is that it is a crime to jog while black. Sadly I don’t think even this is going to push many black voters away from the Democrats seeing as how they have their cronies covering for them. Still, I look forward to Dr. Oz beating this psychopath John Fetterman. (Please don’t disappoint me PA.)

And although I do take solace that the “content moderators” who did this have likely been fired or quit now that Elon has taken over, I am not quite satisfied. To start, as of the time I am writing this on October 29th, my account is still “suspended”. All we know is that accounts will be unbanned when the new “content moderation council” convenes which will be allegedly less biased. The issue with that in the meanwhile though is that the efforts of those Twitter employees who decided to interfere in the PA senate race and other contested races this year are basically being rewarded as long as accounts like mine are still banned. Of course on the flip side, they can’t just unban accounts all willy-nilly as they could unban child predators or the like.

In Elon’s case, he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Either way, it’s going to be a wait-and-see approach for how New-Twitter will look. Come the 1st of November if my account isn’t back I will likely just make a burner. Honestly, we all have to move on from all of life’s little setbacks and stumbles. Every day we need to move forward, one foot in front of another till the day we die. And that’s not depressing, that’s just life and the steps we must take to become better versions of ourselves. So let’s all walk forward boldly but with caution, and hope these last couple of months of 2022 have fewer stumbles and more skips of joy.

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