An Open Letter to Elon Musk

Mr. Musk, you have really let me down. I was really excited by your claims that you would bring free speech back when you bought Twitter.

I looked forward to the 28th of October. And it came, and nothing. You see I was banned weeks prior by Twitter under the leadership of the former CEO and Yoel Roth.

I was banned for posting this meme about John Fetterman, a Democrat running for US Senate in PA who attacked an unarmed black jogger in 2013.

It was posted in the comments of his tweets. It’s a condemnation of Fetterman’s Racial Hatred that Yoel Roth and the media wanted to be forgotten.

Fetterman’s supporters responded with Tweets saying things like, “that man had no business jogging in his neighborhood at night.” Racist remarks like this.

But clearly, this kind of Racism is fine to Yoel Roth, the next day MY account was banned for inciting racial hatred for calling attention to Fetterman’s.

I waited patiently though. I spammed appeals thinking that when you took over reason would prevail and I would once again have access to my account.

The 28th came and accounts like Catturd returned to the platform. I was told to hang in there till Monday. Then Monday came, and still, I was blacklisted.

I was at least happy that you fired the censorious board of directors and thought you would be wise enough to do the same with the content moderation team.

So imagine my shock when I read that you will not be unbanning accounts till after the midterm, and then you are leaving it up to Yoel Roth.

The same Yoel Roth who has repeatedly called half the country Nazi’s, made snide remarks about “Flyover Country”.

The same Yoel Roth who uses his job to push the causes of his chosen political allies. I agree with Liz Wheeler, he is the first one you should have fired.

Fact is, Yoel Roth banned me a gay, non-christian, conservative writer from Baltimore City for pointing out his political party is running a racist in PA.

He is not a man of integrity Mr. Musk, and while he is there nothing will change. People like myself will be silenced for speaking the truth he doesn’t like.

The fact is Mr. Musk, Yoel Roth has already interfered in these Midterms using his position, and the only way to fix that is to fire him and unban accounts.

The fact that I feel so strongly about this, that I put an open letter on my website in the format of tweets,

The fact that I am now evading my ban after faithfully following the process in the hopes you would bring integrity to this website should open your eyes.

There’s no integrity here and there will not be unless you finish what you started. Fire Yoel Roth. Unban accounts and let everyone start with a clean slate.

Published by whmann

Conservative Author from Baltimore MD.

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