How I Solved my Thanksgiving Dillema

Recently I was faced with a complicated dilemma. I do not want to step a single foot into Pennsylvania at the moment, after their decision to elect a braindead racist named John Fetterman. And yes, I am sure the state chose this as his margin of victory was beyond the margin of cheating for Democrats in Pennsylvania. So I am disgusted and want nothing to do with the state beyond any work obligations. The problem is, most of my family lives in PA including my brother who voted against Fetterman.

This is a massive problem for me. On the one hand, I don’t want to enter Pennsylvania and have their massive retardation rub off on me. But on the other hand, not going will punish my brother who is among the clean minds who did not elect an openly racist Democrat to plague the senate for at least 6 years, or until he gets shot in the streets of DC chasing the wrong black man who is armed and will ice him without a second thought. Unfortunately, my brother is vaccinated against Covid as he has asthma, but he has not given in to the pressure of our more left-wing family members to get the ineffective booster shots as he is wary of the side effects and the fact that the medicine has proven ineffective. So he was not invited to thanksgiving dinner with the rest of the family, an outcast like myself and a few other family members.

So it’s a Sophie’s Choice situation for me. I can go to a state I currently can’t stand for a holiday I am not particularly excited about because I gain weight every time. If I refuse to go to this state though, my brother will spend the holidays alone, a victim of the same mindset among some of my relatives that made them vote for a skinhead. Either way, it’s another win for the people who elected an incoherent bigot. At least that’s what I thought.

In the end, I had to think about and examine what I hoped to achieve by boycotting the state of Pennsylvania. And that’s when it hit me, my main issue is that I didn’t want to spend any money up there or give them any tax revenue. And there it was!! My solution was clear as day and so simple I had to kick myself for not thinking about it sooner. I didn’t HAVE to spend one red cent up in retard-retard land!!

See, luckily the town my brother lives in is situated near the Maryland border, and very close to the bottleneck between Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. I realized I had the option if I wanted to get my gas, food, and even gifts in Maryland, after all the left-wing stupidity here is nothing I am not already forced to fund anyway. And in addition, if I really want to rob even Maryland of a weekend of tax income, I can drive even further to West Virginia to gas up and shop there. It’s a brilliantly simple idea I wish I thought of weeks ago. And it’s a really good way to make my Fuel Efficient car pay off for me.

Anyway, now that this dilemma is solved, the holidays will be a little brighter for me and my brother. Although I will insist he come down here for New Year’s Eve, after all, you can’t get good Japanese food out in the Appalachians. And I can’t properly celebrate the New Year without fireworks and Manju. Anyway, I would like to wish all of my readers a happy holiday. And fuck Pennsylvania.

Published by whmann

Conservative Author from Baltimore MD.

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