If Civil War is Inevitable, Let the Democrats Start it Again

Right now, as I write this post one week before the 2022 Midterm Elections, things are looking pretty good for the Republican Party. Even the notoriously left-leaning Five-Thirty-Eight is predicting that Republicans will not only pick up The House but also The Senate next week. Then again, by the time you read this, we will know what the results are, things might not have gone our way. Things have not always been this peachy for us, and earlier this year there were grumblings and discussions of National Divorce and even another Civil War. What upsets me is that I heard this coming from Republicans as well as Democrats.

Now let me be clear, I have no problem with the idea of another Civil War. Sadly the last one didn’t take, the losers of that war screamed and destroyed things to get political influence back and our party just let them. Then the losers of that war spent a century terrorizing black people, and in 1964 when the tides of public opinion trended against their preferred policy positions, they just claimed the parties switched and declared themselves the winner of the war before doing a victory lap by destroying the inner city and sending the African American populations there n a 50-year death spiral of poverty, blight, and violent crime. We have a lot to make up for to these people whose ancestors our party freed for just allowing all this to happen and allowing the Democrats to lie without loudly and robustly calling them out on this. Honestly, a Civil War would be one way to eliminate the most destructive group in American History we call the Democratic Party. I just have one problem here. We Republicans cannot be the ones to start it.

This image depicts the Baltimore Riot of 1861, where a mob of armed Democrats attacked Union Troops from Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, killing 4 members of the Massachusetts 6th Militia.

In every single way possible, Democrats instigated the first Civil War in their pursuit of more power. (A case I eloquently make in my book.) Their Party decided to Secede shortly after Lincoln won the 160 Election. They attacked Fort Sumpter, a piece of Federal Property in North Carolina. They drew first blood in Baltimore, killing troops passing through the city on their way to fight another army and not considering or desiring to fight their way through a mob of civilians armed with rocks. Many people claim the war was about The South protecting slavery, or claim it was because The North was attacking The South’s Economy, but these claims are both wrong and were only Prima Facie reasons given to draw people to their side. The real reason is as plain as the nose on your face in the second sentence of this Paragraph. The Democrats started the Civil War because Lincoln won the election, and they no longer wanted to allow things like fair elections or the US Constitution to stand in the way of the Democratic Party’s monopoly on political power.

This has not changed in over 150 years. They are the same people today as they were then. They are the people who called the 2016 Elections illegitimate because Russians bought some Facebook ads but accuse you of Treason if you claim the 2020 election where there were multitudes of irregularities and the laws were literally changed in some states might not have been totally legitimate. These are the same people who hold unchecked political power over the jurisdictions in the US whose policies lead to the highest fatality rate in America for African Americans, either at the hands of the police or the end of a needle. they are no different from when they were influencing the justices in Supreme Court Cases or stirring up people by creating stories about Black Rape Mobs that never existed. I think it’s pretty safe to say if they lose in 2024 and 2026 they will start a Civil War again all on their own since it’s all practically from the same playbook. And that’s another compelling reason to just let THEM start it if it’s bound to happen, and in fact, already has on smaller scales.

In this situation especially, it is important to maintain historical symmetry for the sake of future generations. Democrats have already bamboozled at least 3 Generations of their voters into buying their lies that the parties switched and they are not the racists who divided our country. That mask is breaking though as they put Candidates on the ballot like Joe Biden, John Fetterman, and Katie Hobbs and pretend they aren’t racist among this parade of racist hacks they are trying to sell voters. If they try to start a second Civil War, they will never be able to pull the wool over the eyes of voters again as it will be the ultimate acknowledgment that the Democrats are the same as they ever were. On the other hand, if certain Republicans fall for the bait and a state like Texas were to secede,l the Democrats would be able to claim an ultimate vindication of their false narrative.

It is indeed true that our nation is at a crossroads. And although I would prefer to see a peaceful solution, I am prepared for the eventuality that it will be solved by force. That doesn’t upset me. But as for our role in it, we need to live up to the legacy of our party as the party that unified this truly fractured country once. As we are seeing now in 2022, if we just hang in there voters will see what the Democrats are really all about, and then we don’t need to lift a hand in violence unless the Democrats do. It’s like our beloved Teddy Roosevelt said, “speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” We need to carry that big stick, but we need to keep it at our sides and not swing it unless they openly and unequivocally come at us with their knives.

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Conservative Author from Baltimore MD.

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