Wake Up Conservatives, It’s Time to Take Everything “THEY” Love Now

Okay, so as titles go this one seems harsh and evil. Well, it kind of is meant to and I seriously mean it, because if you haven’t been paying attention lately, the political left in our country at the lead of Biden (or whoever is pulling his strings) has been taking away things people love for the mere crime of disobeying the regime. This article of mine is inspired by a friend of mine, or someone I would like to call a friend anyway. HE graduated at the top 10% of his Law School’s Class, got into the firm of his dreams with the managing partners practically begging him to work for them, and he is about to lose it all. Why do you ask? Because he refuses to get a Covid Vaccine, and because the less qualified sheep in his firm are angrily bleating about it and the need for the LAW FIRM to comply with an ILLEGAL mandate passed down by their supreme leader. So if you think I am being a little mean by suggesting we do the same, then f**ck you because you clearly haven’t been paying attention to the fascist shit show playing out around you.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not inherently anti-vax. I am wary of it, but I got the two shots myself to ease the fears of my family. That was MY PERSONAL CHOICE though. I am not Anti-Vax, I am Anti-Mandate. But let’s not get lost in this, because this goes so much further than vaccinations’ or any of that.

In the minds of the Democrats, this is part of their political retribution against conservatives, even though ironically it disproportionately harms black people who are more reluctant to get the vax, although I believe they are not entirely unhappy about that either. Vax-Passports and Vax mandates aren’t the only way Democrats have tried to punish us by taking away the freedoms we love however, it’s just the latest and most widespread. They have used social media bans for years to punish us for wrong-think, separating us from new friends and distant family. They have in the past weaponized the IRS to deny conservative NPOs their rights, and there is no reason to believe they will not start that again. And of course, they have tried time and again to deprive people of their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms and have attacked the 1st Amendment right to Religious Freedom.

I recently discovered an excellent quote from a Republican here in Baltimore. He is a homegrown hero and you might recognize his name, Frederick Douglass. Frederick knew a thing or two about Democrats taking away everything you loved for defying them, as were most African Americans at the time who had to fight against Jim Crow and Lynching which were designed to steal their rights, their loved ones, and even their lives. Because of this, he became what I consider to be one of the greatest Republican minds in our party’s history, especially in a time when the Republican Party was being run by weak-willed men like it is today. At this time he said something really wise and relevant, he said, “Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet deprecate agitation, are like men who want crops without plowing up the ground.” Basically what this means is we cannot claim to have a moral high ground and use that as an excuse to not fight back. We need to fight, we need to agitate, we need to take everything they love the way they have tried to do with us.

What can we do to them? Lots of things, to start we can take away their fancy parties like the MET Gala or the Grammys and other such societal frivolities. Are you an ultra-rich conservative with disposable income? That’s great, buy up all the tickets to these events when they are out for sale and give them to a less than friendly audience of your friends. If this fails or you’re just an average everyday conservative without millions to throw away, form a group and picket these events, or occupy the event space for the whole evening to delay or even stop the event. A little civil disobedience like this can take away a whole night only they love, and is worth it in the end. You can also work to book event spaces on the dates they want and block them out that way.

Another thing you can do, refuse to give them your money. Stop shopping at their stores or their websites. Stop hiring Democrats at your firm. Stop doing business with any firms that are left-leaning or even hire Democrats. Shop from local businesses when possible, especially if they are conservative-owned.

A big win for us is taking their jobs, and that starts in the government sector. We need to start taking over school boards, and when we win those we need to fire EVERY teacher that spouts anything remotely political. We need to elect more Republicans too, and pass reforms that make it easier to fire federal employees, and then fire every career bureaucrat who has clung onto their position for years and used it to sabotage conservative leaders. And in the private sector, we need more conservative stockholders. If you see a stock, buy it. And when the CEO spouts dumb left-wing nonsense or covers for a repugnant left-wing employee, take note of it and introduce a motion to remove him from the board. The theme here should be, no jobs for repugnant leftists in our government or the board rooms.

My final suggestion and this is the biggest, is to sue them. Sue them for every amoral thing they do, every instance of slander and libel, every theft and every crime, every wrongful termination of employment. Sue them, and make their wallets hurt. Have they run out of money? Take their homes, take their cars, leave them nothing.

Once again, I know you are thinking that what I am saying is cruel and divisive and I am a terrible person. Well, wake the f**k up buttercup!! They want division, they are not interested in compromise or co-existing with you. They want your absolute submission, or better yet for you to just die and go away. These are all already the things they are doing to you and more. And if we don’t all wake-up and start fighting, if we don’t stop playing nice and turn the other cheek, they will take everything we love and hold dear and we will not be able to fight back. This kind of fighting back only works if we do it together, en masse, with no hesitation and no mercy.

Make no mistake, if we don’t start doing these things we will lose our country. We are not dealing with sane or rational people, we are dealing with criminals who do not view you or I as human since we don’t obey them and subscribe to their behavior. We are already watching them take everything from amazing people like my friend simply because he will not follow THEIR rules. We are dealing with people who are amoral, and quite frankly, completely and utterly insane. So we need to be a little insane ourselves, and we need to relax our morals a little bit. Because if we do not, we will lose what we all love the most. We will lose our rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of that elusive idea we call happiness.

That last thing is something we can’t afford to lose. That’s something relatively few people understand. And yet it is something we all understand. We understand it when we feel uncomfortable or sick over mask mandates. We understand it when we are forced to be locked down in our homes for a virus with a 99% chance of survival. The truth is that life without freedom, even with all the risks it involves, just isn’t worth living and it is worse than death. And while many are unwilling to fight back for silly reasons, I remember the words of Patrick Henry as he rallied the delegates of the Second Virginia convention to dedicate troops to the continental army, “I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me Death!”

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