So Good, They Call it “Freedumb”

Once again, I have found inspiration in the comments of my piece “Wake Up Conservatives, It’s Time to Take Everything “THEY” Love Now” which has been mirrored on Medium. Honestly part of me feels that this is redundant, but in the end, I had to say to myself “When you’re at a Banquet, you better eat your fill. And my collection of muted leftist rantings on Medium is indeed a banquet. It’s a Pu Pu Platter of delusional leftist screed which provides a window into their diseased psyche. Now you must be asking yourself, what has got our author so energized today? Is it another dumb remark about slavery being freedom, or nonsense about pronouns? Well, today it’s one made-up word our deranged leftist friends used 4 different times in the comments, “Freedumb”.

Now let’s examine the word itself. “Freedumb” is an obvious parody of the word “freedom“. It implies a belief in personal freedom and personal choice is dumb, and it is meant to attack the intelligence of people who exercise their rights in contradiction to the views and opinions of the leftists who use this term. They think that exercising your freedom when it goes against their view of what “the common good” makes you less intelligent. The irony is that the reality is quite the opposite.

In reality, it is the people using the word “freedumb” that lack intelligence. They lack the intelligence to think critically or question the world, and they become intellectually frustrated when they encounter people who go against their orthodoxy. Like many of lesser intelligence, they lash out as a result of this contradiction they can’t wrap their minds around. But this cannot just be explained by their stupidity alone. The other issue, of course, is their personalities, after all this word is just an example of the temper tantrums little tyrants of their ilk throw when reality doesn’t match their delusion.

Now Tyrant may sound like a harsh term, but it is apt. After all, if they weren’t tyrannically inclined, why wouldn’t they just leave the United States since they clearly don’t like it when other people exercise the freedom and liberty people enjoy here? Well, the thing is they don’t hate freedom when they partake of it, they just don’t want YOU to also exercise YOUR freedoms. Freedom is okay for them and the people who agree with them, but your freedom is selfish because it is not in agreement with theirs. Remember of course this mentality also comes from the people who believe it is selfish to accumulate wealth, but it’s not selfish to forcibly take and redistribute the wealth another person worked so hard to accumulate.

Of course, they have an excuse to justify their selfish behavior. They aren’t selfish for taking what’s yours or demanding you respect their freedom while not exercising yours. You’re the selfish one because you harm the “Community”. After all, when it is convenient to them we live in a “Community”. To be honest I think that they are not intelligent enough to understand what a community is. An important part of being in a community is respecting the freedom of other people, and not demanding they comply with your unreasonable demands that harm them. Like shutting down your business at the risk of going bankrupt or giving up your firearms and putting yourself and your family at the mercy of criminals. Community is about a give-and-take dialogue or conversation, and it’s not a monolithic concept like the left would have us believe as there are many diverse and wildly different communities in America alone. But it is also clear those on the left don’t actually care about community, they want obedience instead.

After all, in a real community you don’t demand your local Ma-and-Pa shop close down for two years and fold to keep you safe, you would merely choose to not go there to shop if you feel you are at risk rather than risking their livelihood in a community. And in a community, you don’t demand your neighbors have their jobs and freedoms taken because they refuse to take the same medicine as you, you simply keep your distance from them and choose not to associate with them. When your instinct though is to force someone into bankruptcy or otherwise destroy them, you do not believe in community. You believe in Fascism. So we encounter the second irony here, that while they claim to care about the “community”, they are in fact selfishly putting their own beliefs over the well-being of others.

In the end, however, this just helps illustrate a very good portrait of the left, or at least the average leftist. They are selfish, unintelligent people who suffer from the typical cognitive dissonance of the intellectually challenged. So let them come up with stupid names like “freedumb”. It’s just like when the slow kid at school, who eats paste tells you he is smarter than you are while you are eating lunch. You were just reading Beowulf a half-hour ago while he was cutting out shapes or identifying barnyard animals or whatever. How can you take them seriously at all? When it comes to freedom and how to preserve society, we are the ones reading Beowulf while those on the left are eating paste.

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Conservative Author from Baltimore MD.

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