The Grand Tradition of European Fascism

As many of you know, lately I have begun mirroring my blog posts here on Medium. They usually go up the Wednesday after I post them here, and I have to say as a result I have seen a major increase in reader engagement. In particular, this has been the case with one article I wrote last year, entitled “Wake Up Conservatives, It’s Time to Take Everything “THEY” Love Now“. This piece has seen a lot of engagement, and most of it has been brainless replies from leftists trashing me, my piece, and my friend mentioned in the piece. Just proof the “Branch-Covidiots” always come in numbers. Of course, there were a few decent and well-thought-out comments to which I must give an honorable mention.

One idiotic comment however was so over-the-top moronic, I just had to respond to it the minute I read it. And my response took on a life of its own and became worthy of its own blog post. And so rather than just explaining it, I am going to put the whole exchange here (an exchange which was 100% public):

Tessa Schlesinger:
(Quoting Me): “Because he refuses to get a Covid Vaccine, and because the less qualified sheep in his firm are angrily bleating about it and the need for the LAW FIRM to comply with an ILLEGAL mandate passed down by their supreme leader.”
Tessa Schlesinger:
I’m willing to bet he came from a fairly prosperous family, and that he grew up in a Republicna environemtn.

I’m speaking from Europe. Here we generally believe in civil responsibility – when our actions may harm others, we try not to.

If the guy got Covid, he would infect others. When I was living in South Africa, if you went out and about and had Covid, you would be thrown in jail and charged with attempted murder.

Just in case you want to talk about American freedom, America is a long way down the list in terms of personal freedoms. Europe outranks you over and over again.


You know I had to hide most of your idiotic responses (That’s my choice as an individual after all), but this one was so idiotic I thought I would make a point out of it. Europe has more Personal Freedoms than America? Bullshit!

Europe is the birthplace and breeding ground of Fascism. In America, if someone decides to be an asshole and take a tasteless picture of their dog doing the Nazi Salute, we allow the courts of public opinion to eviscerate them and not our actual world-renowned Judicial System. In Europe, you violate his rights to free expression and arrest him for an idiotic image mainly because he disturbed people.

In America, we respect people’s right to religious freedom. When the Westboro Baptist Church spreads their stupid message of hate, the courts protect it because as misguided as it is they are entitled to that belief, and a more fitting punishment for them is having free citizens exercise their equal rights to freely express their beliefs by purchasing the house across the street and painting it in a Pride Flag to remind them their opinions are unpopular. In Europe, your police arrest them like jack-booted fascists.

In America, we have the right to keep and bear arms to defend ourselves from our government in the case it turns tyrant against us. In Europe, we see protestors who protest an unpopular opinion being shot at in the streets, and in the 1930’s we saw millions of jews have their firearms confiscated before they were murdered en masse by the German Government, quite a few of those victims were distant relatives through my Great-Great-Great Grandfather.

Most of all in America, even if it takes us some time to get there, we protect the rights of the minority, be it racial, religious, or ideological, from the tyranny of the majority when it comes to government affairs. In Europe, your government follows the passions of the hysterical and indoctrinated mob such as yourself and crushes any opposition.

The absolute funny thing is that in America, any time we have an issue with our freedoms being limited it is because some group of individuals is trying to force your horseshit European Values on others. Look how well those European Values are working out in Australia. They now have what amount to concentration camps for people who refuse to be vaccinated. They shot a bunch of shelter dogs rather than allow them to go to the families and individuals who agreed to give them a loving home just so those people would stay in their homes. They arrest people for going outside their homes without the government’s permission. They have now detained TWO Czech tennis players in their country after leading them to believe they were granted medical exemptions to be there without revealing their vaccination status, and instead of sending them on a plane home, they have placed them in a Migrant Detainment facility. That’s probably the worst part though, worse than Hitler. I mean at least HE let Jesse Owens participate in the 1936 Olympics, even though he was dismayed Owens ruined his delusion of European Superiority by crushing the German Competition. He didn’t have the man detained because he was Black and American and the antithesis of Hitler’s Fascist European values.

No, you Europeans have no freedoms and you wouldn’t know actual freedom if it bit you in the ass. You have the freedom only to agree and never dissent. You have the freedom to oppress those you don’t agree with when you are part of the majority. None of that is freedom, it’s the European Tradition of Fascism. You don’t believe in Civic-Responsibility, after all that is by and large a voluntary act and includes some responsibility to respect the values of those you disagree with. You believe in total obedience to the state and a Majority taught not to think critically or pursue their aspirations in life. That’s because Europe is the Land of Monarchs and Oligarchs and other assorted dictators. Europe is where freedom dies, and your prevailing attitude is that you will not be content till it dies elsewhere too.

I think I will make this its own blog post now, to immortalize your shame and the grand tradition of European Fascism.

Exchange Between myself and Tessa Schlesinger. (2022, January 8).

That about sums it up. The only places European countries outrank in freedom are Middle Eastern theocracies, and that is not saying much. True Freedom is freedom from the intervention of the Government or Corporations in our daily conflicts unless those conflicts are a matter of life and death. It is not the “freedom” to weaponize the Government or Corporations by extension to impose your views on people you dislike or disagree with. The sad thing is that for a while some European Countries, namely Great Britain, for a while had realized this after WW2 and the horrors wrought by Adolf Hitler. However, it is hard to break many millennia of bad habits, and less than a century later Europe has devolved into a land of authoritarianism where the people literally believe slavery to the government and to the popular will is the definition of freedom, an attitude the writer George Orwell tried to warn us about in the most explicit terms possible.

Don’t get me wrong, we have some of the same problems in America and we are trending towards some of the same dark paths as Europe. But we still have the numbers to defend our freedoms, and I feel that what our ancestors once fought so hard for will not be so easily discarded as it has been ingrained in our national thought moreso than the dark human nature Europeans defer to, which tells them to oppress and obey.

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